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Now days digital signage solution is the need of every business to run it effective as these signage solutions are the best when it comes to the promotion of the brand and to create well awareness among the audience about the brand. Moreover, these signage solutions play a vital role in being a bridge of connection between the customer and the brand. Earlier, dual displays were used in the offices and the workplace but as the technology emerged the stretched LCD are ruling the industry when it comes to buy the best display for your workplace.

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Ultra wide stretched displays

Ultra wide stretched displays are the new trendy screens came into the market a few years ago and they fired up the whole display market with their exceptional features that are no doubt better than the normal displays. This is one of the reasons why stretched LCD are expensive than the normal displays.

Reasons why ultra-wide stretched displays are expensive

The main difference between both the displays is of the size and the shape of the displays. Both the screen and displays have different aspect ratios to display the image on the screen. If we talk about the normal display than the expected aspect ratio of this display is of 16:9 while if you see the aspect ratio of stretched display, it is of 64:27 that proves that the stretched displays are far better than the normal ones. The greater ratio aspect is another reason why these stretched screens are expensive than the normal displays.

Another reason is the higher rate of pixel, the ultra-wide stretched displays have higher pixel of 3440 by 1440 or 2560*1080 and it depends upon the size of the screen. More pixels clearly means than good resolution, clear image display, screen can fit more apps, multiple programs, games options without
even switching on program to another.

Ultra wide displays are perfect for media consumption and productivity

Ultra wide displays are best when you require good media consumption and you are concerned with the productivity provided by your display screen. Some of important points are listed below:

  • The sheets of the browsing webpages are totally different from the normal displays.
  • They give the best environment for reading PDFs and EPUBs that cannot be maintained by using the normal displays.
  • It contains the black bars that enhance the joy of watching videos, gaming and watching TV.
  • It is best if you want to operate two windows at the same time without even flipping the windows as it has the option of side by side window.
Key aspects you should know before buying ultra-wide displays

There are many of the important aspects that one should consider before buying an ultra-wide stretched display for their use, some of them are mentioned below:

  • Resolution
    Resolution must be the key aspect before you choose the display for your use. The wide display resolution varies according to the size and more resolution obviously leads to better picture quality.
  • Sleek Design
    Design matters a lot when you are buying these wide displays for your business place as these displays play a major role in grabbing the attention of the customers because most of the customers are attracted by the physical environment of your workplace. Slimmer design means elegant look.
  • Built in wireless control software
    The stretched LCD has the feature of wireless control that means that you can have the access to all the media based activities through these displays, moreover these displays also have the option of USB attachment.