Versatile and reliable

Samsung Display’s advanced stretched displays are custom built with 32:9 aspect ratio from the get-go. Unlike some competitors that cut the 16:9 panels, we build ours with customized 32:9 masks to ensure the best quality and performance.

Our range of native stretched LCD panels presents you with a number of innovative ways to grab public attention.

These stretched panels, also known as bar displays, are available in a variety of sizes, configurations, and brightness options making them a perfect versatile solution for your digital signage needs. Samsung Display’s stretched panels are utilized in retail, advertising, public transportation, quick-service restaurants and other applications worldwide.

Adaptable design

Video Wall Touch Screen Kiosks Digital Menu Boards Interactive Projection Floor

Thinnest panels in the market, compatible with both landscape and portrait layouts as well as face down (45°) usage

Choose from a range of brightness specifications for indoor and semi-outdoor applications

Open cell option for ease of integration into any industrial or commercial designs

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Superior visibility

Deliver crisp and clear image even in ambient light due to advanced anti-glare panel treatment

Elevated brightness for true color presentation in a range of lighting conditions

Achieve distraction-free viewing with slim and narrow bezel design

Unrivaled longevity

Robust signage durability during continuous 24/7 operation

Custom advanced PID masks ensure that our panels meet the highest standards for professional performance

Black mura prevention technology restricts panel blackening even after long periods of use

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Video Wall Touch Screen Kiosks Digital Menu Boards Interactive Projection Floor Karachi Pakistan

Lifelike picture

Highest in industry contrast ratios deliver the deepest blacks resulting in crisp and clear images

Elevated brightness and high resolution for true color expression in a range of lighting conditions

Highly resistant to image sticking, allowing for distortion- and distraction-free viewing

“For our customers panel quality and long-run reliability is mission critical.  Samsung Display’s superior panel technology has always delivered on its promise.”