The Best LED Display for Indoor Use 1

SMD Screens

SMD is the short form of surface mount LED. SMD is quite smaller in size than the normal LED because they do not have any of the surrounding or leads around them that make them really handy by the user. They are quite easy to be managed by the automated assembly equipment. The SMD screens are quite
different from the normal screens as they have a wide screening angle and they do not have any of the LED’s epoxy reviewers that directly focus the emitting beams. It’s a better choice to have the SMD LED screen for your indoor or outdoor use as they have many benefits over the normal LEDs. Gloax solution
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The Key Features of SMD Screens

SMD screens are now becoming more popular in the market over the normal LED displays because of its amazing features. Some of the SMD screen fails to work after a year and some of the screens work for a long span of time, that all depends on the specification and features of the SMD screen you are choosing for your use. Some of the basic features of these screens are mentioned below


The light source of SMD screen is smaller in size and the light chips are closed with the help of epoxy resin.


The power consumption of these screen is very low, the screen requires the voltage of 2-3.6V and the current of 0.02A-0.03a that is very low.

Durable for a long time

This SMD LED can be used for a long period of lifetime as they can be utilized for 100,000 hours. This is all because of the proper current and voltage that the SMD screen requires. If we make a comparison between the DIP screens, it might be reduced to 1000 hrs. . These LEDs are made by automated equipment’s that automatically increases its durability.

High Brightness

The SMD screens have a wide range of brightness option and they are installed with the high brightness feature that cannot be obtained by normal LEDs.

The Best LED Displays for Indoor & Outdoor Use

Indoor LED

SMD technology is formed by combining three types of LEDs, of red, blue and green color that fixed to a point of white or black color. When the LEDs are fixed on this point they are no longer visible and this point is about few millimeters in size generally in the shape of square or a circle. The SMD screens were developed mainly for the outdoor use but its features and specifications matched it with the indoor usage and these LEDs are known best for the indoor usage. When finer definition of the image is required, the SMD screens are best for such situations and it is always advised to have the SMD technology for indoor use.

Outdoor LED

The LEDs used in the DIP displays are similar but they are not attached to a single point but they are free and separated from each other. You can see each point of blue green and red LED on the screen. Unlike SMD screens these screens reflect the outer light that makes them perfect for the outdoor usage. The pitch of the DIP screens hardly fall from 7 that is to be the perfect pitch for outdoor use.

Pitch Pixels for SMD screens

What is pitch pixel?

Pixel pitch is the separation between each LED group that makes a pixel. The pixel pitch is the greatest factor for the expense of a LED Screen. A P10 (10mm between pixels) utilizes 4 fold the number of LEDs as a P20 screen which is the reason pixel pitch has such an enormous impact on the cost.

Why pitch pixel important in SMD screen?

The resolution of the screen is responsible for the resolution of the screen and it has the responsibility of showing the distance. To choose the right pixel pitch for your SMD screen is important because picture clarity and visibility depends upon the resolution of the screen.