A digital signage solution is generally comprised of various components that includes the hardware’s and the software’s that work collectively to provide the best digital performance from the digital sign. The contents that are displayed on the digital signage screens mostly falls into three common types: video, informative ad auto or visual.

These three categories can be displayed at the same real time through the digital signage product. Now days there are many organizations and companies out there who are using the digital signage technology for many of their company’s operations and mostly for the surveillance purpose.

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The digital signage technology is mostly available in the control rooms of each of the organization and now such technology is really popular and in use of the market.  Surveillance was a basic concern of the society and once was not done popular because popular surveillance technology was not available but now the technology is enhanced and especially designed for this purpose and the society is surveyed through the digital signage technologies.

Where digital signage technology is being used the most?

  • The digital signage technology is now days mostly been used in the markets where it is necessary for the store to build a communication and interaction between them and their customers. Through the digital signage they display important information about their brand and this attract the attention of the viewers and thus increases in the customers.
  • The digital signage solutions are now also been used in most of the banks for the purpose of proper surveillance over their employees and clients to avoid any further inconvenience. Moreover, all the latest information about the currency, interest and products are displayed through the technology.
  • The digital signage solution is also used at airports where they are used to display the information about the departure and arrivals of the flights that make it easier for the people to get the right information clearly.
  • In meeting and presentation areas, the digital signage solutions are now days a must to have investment. Because these places requires a clear, undisrupted visual and audio display solutions because many of the onetime decisions are made in such meetings
  • At the places of businesses such as the beauty salons or the dental clinic, all these places have digital signage solutions because they always have upcoming promotions for their customers that they display through the digital displays and people can get the information through it.

Products included in digital signage solution

The digital signage solutions fully loaded with many of the products that are perfect for the use in concern of displaying the content, getting the instant information, or even if you want to use it for the surveillance purpose, digital signage solutions have the right items for your use.  The digital signage solution includes the products such as

  • LED displat Technology
  • Projection walls technology
  • Video walls technology

And the list goes on

LED display technology

The LED displays are one of the technologies introduced in the digital signage solution. The LED displays are best to be used with the CCTVs for the surveillance purpose as the displays are really reliable to show the good quality image of the ongoing event at a certain place where the camera are fitted.

LED is a single screen that shows a limited image and if the image doesn’t fits in the screen it cuts the excessive image from the screen, this is downside of the LED screen. The LED screens are cheaper but they require a lot of maintenance and it is not a onetime expense, the LED displays are not a 100% guaranteed product to provide you with the best quality of the image but if you do not have much budget then you can surely go for the LED screens as they are not one of the worst options.

Projection walls technology

Projection walls are another technology included in the digital signage solutions. The projection walls are the best option for the class rooms and the meeting areas. The projection walls are the single full length special whet sheet on which the image is visually and audio displayed with the help of projector through which the image is beamed on the sheet and is conveyed to the audience.

They are not really expensive but again this technology also requires a lot of maintenance because the sheet gets dirty very quickly and this technology is just best for the indoor use because the brightness options are not so much vast that they can be displayed in the areas with extreme lightening or the outdoor environment.

Video walls technology

Video wall is one of the best and now days mostly sued technologies for displaying purpose or for the surveillance. When you are up to buy video walls consider GLAOX solutions in your list as they are well known video wall vendors with a good corporate client portfolio and are proving their services all over Pakistan.

They deal in wholesale video walls, fine pitch SMD screens and multiple digital signage solutions that are affordable and reliable as well. The video walls are made up of a lot of digital displays that are tilled together in such a way that they show a view of a single large screen through which a single image or multiple images can be displayed at the same time. When it comes to the best visual performance, video wall should always be your first priority because they are made with such excellent components that are specially installed in it to give you the best visual display experience.

Moreover when you want to use your display for both the indoor and outdoor purpose you can go for the video walls because the video walls come up with the range of brightness options that can be managed in the extreme light and the dim light both. These walls do not require time to time maintenance because they are developed with the best panel that are long lasting and these walls can be used for 24/7 with any disruption.


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