LED Video Wall

Video walls are constructed by many panels, and each of them is responsible for providing a quality viewing performance. Samsung LCD display panels are known for their services of providing good quality image, long-lasting and different yet beautiful design worldwide. We are known for conveying a progressively vivid, sensible experience, far outperforming industry measures.

Manufacture sturdy video wall arrangements and convey outstanding seeing messages in the manner that is now days most demanded, starting from the control rooms to digital signage and architectural applications.

Outstanding image features

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On point visual scenes, with a touch of deep black, high contrast ratio and light leakage safety technology.

The most widest bezel of 1.7mm that makes sure that people are focused on the content that is been displayed than on the display screen.

A good response timing of 8ms, which provides smoother, clear picture and minimizes the chances of distraction and eye problems.

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Intense words clarity

All thanks to premium anti-glare surface treatment that makes it possible to show good quality images with a clear view of words by which it gets really easier for the viewer to read message.

The feature of high haze polarizer avoids the color changes that happen due to the reflection of sun light and it also makes the chances of eye infection lesser.

Black mura prevention technology is used to reduce the chances of panel blackening due to the excessive use of display. It gives the guarantee of 45000 hours usage of the display.

Unbeatable toughness and unwavering quality

The masks used make it sure that the display panels are strong enough

Could be used for a long duration i.e of 24/7, it has a 2 year warranty with it

Dedicated masks ensure that our panels meet the toughest professional requirements

It is energy friendly because of its exclusive backlight design.

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43 inch video wall panel

Amazing brightness and color consistency

Provide quality content even without brightness or color contrasts

Reliable shading articulation with expanded life span and capacity to perform in raised temperatures

Exclusive luminance consistency because of ultra- careful calibration techniques

“Samsung Information Display’s innovations, quality, and industry-leading reliability have helped Eyevis achieve market leadership in the control room sector. Our SDC video wall panels have been running for over 10 years without any issues.”

The panel line-up

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EXTREME NARROW BEZEL (1.7mm bezel-to-bezel)

  • 55″ ENB 500 nit Professional Video Wall Panel LTI550HN16

  • 55″ ENB 700 nit Professional Video Wall Panel LTI550HN14

  • 46″ ENB 500 nit Professional Video Wall Panel LTI460HN14

  • 46″ ENB 700 nit Professional Video Wall Panel LTI460HN13

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ULTRA NARROW BEZEL (3.5mm bezel-to-bezel)

  • 65″ UHD 700 nit Professional Video Wall Panel LTI650FN01

  • 55″ UNB 700 nit Professional Video Wall Panel LTI550HN12

  • 46″ UNB 500 nit Professional Video Wall Panel LTI550HN11

  • 46″ UNB 700 nit Professional Video Wall Panel LTI460HN12

  • 46″ UNB 500 nit Professional Video Wall Panel LTI460HN11

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SUPER NARROW BEZEL (5.7mm bezel-to-bezel)

  • 55″ SNB 500 nit Professional Video Wall Panel LTI460HN09