smart mirror

A smart mirror is an innovative technology which when if off, works as a mirror and when turned on it works just exactly like a TV screen. The screen mirror are designed with the latest hardware technology and is capable of showing all the activities that a normal LCD screen shows like showing the temperate, shows the channels, touch sensors, have an internet connection option and has an operating system. You can easily amaze anyone who is unaware of this latest technology.
This amazing technology is with us since 200 years and since then people get amazed by seeing this innovative invention. This was first used as an elegant piece of decoration but after installation of hardware technology this technology is been used in many workplace and homes and is ruling the digital signage market.

Where smart mirrors are helpful?

There is a lot of information that you need to know before you start your day but no one has much time now days to look at all the information in the morning. In such conditions the smart mirrors are best to be installed in the bathrooms, imagine you get up to brush your teeth and meanwhile you can also go through all the weather fore casting, daily news and other imp information through the same mirror in which you are brushing your teeth. With these mirror, your life can get a lot easier.

smart mirror

Other than the homes, these smart mirror are also ruling the business workplace because many customers are attracted to the physical appearance of the place and having these mirror will not only help you get the information but they will give the most elegant look to your place and people will get to know that your company is updated with all the latest technology.
This technology can be used at the beauty shops or at the barber shop very effectively. Envision setting off to your Beauty Shop to get a hair style, everything is typical, everything appears to be identical yet they have brilliant mirrors introduced rather than ordinary mirrors, presently as opposed to holding up in your seat or investigate old magazines you can peruse a book of hair styles in the mirror before you, you can watch your preferred recordings, read a book, watch motion pictures or TV arrangement directly in the mirror before you, the majority of this sitting in your seat and with a remote control. This is a distinct advantage for a large portion of the ventures that have mirrors introduced and is an essential part in their business.

Main difference between smart mirror and magic mirror

Both the mirror works similarly but there is a slight difference in both. The magic mirror is installed with the sensors in it that has the ability to change a specific ad or change the size of the ads and the magic mirror are generally installed at the places where the advertisement is the main concern. Whereas, the smart mirrors is a whole new technology that can be connected to the windows, mobiles, Google, alexa and many other options.

Gloax solution is the digital signage solution vendor company with in-house assembly and fabrication unit, produces and supply smart mirrors of standard TV sizes and customized sizes. The company is oldest in the signage industry and has the best technician staff that provides timely services to the customers.
The company produces the customized smart mirrors of your own choice and they have the best wholesale rates for the signage solutions. The most common picks are 10ft. W x 7ft H, with 75 inch Display and Fireplace, or 8ft. W x 8ft. H with 65 inch Display and Fireplace or 6.5ft W x 8ft. H with 55 inch Display and Fireplace, you can also order you owned desired size and design.


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