Smart Mirror Display from Gloax Solution 1

What is Smart Mirror Display?

A smart mirror is a two-sided mirror with a built-in display behind the glass. That display can show you anything you want to see on the surface of the mirror. It can show you the current time, weather forecast, news feeds, upcoming appointments and much more.

You can get a smart mirror display from gloax solution with their technical service which makes the customer happy. They provide the timeliest service and they are most known because of being the oldest in industry. Getting services from gloax solution will never disappoint you.

Smart Mirror Display is demanded in Homes:

Smart mirror display very much demanded in homes. It is very easy to use. It will give your home a very modern atmosphere. It is having great ability to display all the information you want on it. You can conveniently personalize it according to your needs. you can make it show you local weather forecasts, news bulletins, your forthcoming calendar schedule, social media news feed and much more. You can even command it by your voice and ask questions to it too. It will respond you back.

How to Customize It?

Customizing it according to your demands is a fun part. You can get every desired thing display on it. And for additional demands like wanting a talk-back response, so you have to commute time to Alexa voice control to your mirror. You are required to install the module and after this add the code for the configuration of the module. The configuration file is a thing where you can customize the locations of objects on the screen. Just you have to install and arrange the things in it.

Difference between Smart Mirror and Mirror TV:

The mirror TV is the television that can get changed into a mirror. A mirror TV comprises of special semi- transparent mirror glass with LCD TV behind the surface of the mirror.

But the smart mirror is a two-way mirror having a built-in display at the back of the glass. That display can show you anything of your desire on the surface of the mirror. A smart mirror is also called the magic mirror.

Advantages and Features of Smart Mirror:

The best advantage of a smart mirror is that you can personalize it according to your requirements. Addition of touch screen will let you interact with it. A LED light around the smart mirror can brighten your room. Your smart mirror and automatically get on when you enter the room. You can control it with your voice. You can ask a question or command it. The smart mirror is able to recognize the face in the room and customize the screen to match with the person. Simply looking at your smart mirror you will get all the information you want. You can choose modules for customizing it according to your wants and needs. Smart mirrors are simple mirrors in OFF mode and become TV display in ON mode.

Gloax solution with in-house assembly and fabrication unit manufactures and supply smart mirrors of standard TV sizes and customized sizes. The most common selections are 10ft W × 7ft H, with 75-inch display and fireplace, or 8ft W × 8FT h with 65-inch display and fireplace or 6.5ft W × 8ft H with 55-inch display and fireplace.

The magic mirror has a sensor which is able to change ads or the size of ads. It is particularly used for advertisements. Smart mirrors are a completely modern system which is able to easily get integrated with Windows PC, Android Firmware, Alexa and much more.