Education digital display solutions

Samsung display technology is the best way to enhance the learning process among the students as well as to promote the students to have excellent interaction and participation chances

Our aim is to make learning interesting

Incorporated study hall and grounds innovation takes into consideration a progressively coordinated learning knowledge for staff and understudies alike. While customary learning situations make a soloed approach, Samsung display technology is specially designed for the educational purpose that allows the students to have interaction that is beyond their imagination and expectations.

Other than that, the industry leading energy efficient design of our displays is also affordable by the instructions as far as the cost and lower environment footprints are concerned.

Education Application 1

Effective and efficient displays

Samsung display technology are designed to provide the schools and other learning areas with the most updated information in real time and also enables the motivation and interest in the students to learn and interact with people effectively.  Samsung technology provides distortion free image quality that allows the students to study and interact with other students and be updated with the latest information more effectively and efficiently.

  • Extreme resolution and extreme contrast margin to provide clear image

  • Can be used 24/7 without any damage and comes with the warranty of 2 years

  • It has a variety of sizes available including the extreme huge version

  • Wide range of brightness options that is suitable for outdoor or indoor environments

interactive whiteboard touchscreen samsung smart board

Where we provide our technology

Starting from the campus to the classroom, either indoor or outdoor, Samsung guarantees to provide you the best learning experience. Our worldwide clients are making new innovations in their learning experiences by using the interactive whiteboard technology for their students and teachers. Through these whiteboards screen sharing, presentations and visual messaging can be performed. Samsung displays can be sued in:

  • Multimedia and computer rooms

  • Classrooms

  • Across campus

  • Common areas

Education Application 2