Outdoor SMD is Surface Mounted Device. The LED is patched straightforwardly onto the PCB. As opposed to get together with “wired segments”, SMD innovation requires less space and improves the warm association. In light of same power utilization, SMD LED creates the most elevated splendor among different sorts of LED bundles, for example, COB, MCOB and High Power LED’s. SMD LED, its brilliant rule is the current through the compound semiconductor, through a mix of electrons and gaps, overabundance vitality will be discharged as light to gleaming impact

Outdoor SMD Display and its Features

Outdoor SMD LED displays for brands advertisements

When it comes to SMD LEDs they are always considered the right option for the indoor usage, in shops, stations and similar places but now the SMD are technically designed in a special way so that they become waterproof with higher brightness level for the outdoor usage. DIP LED is the best option for the indoor use and SMD is the best option when you want an LED screen for outdoor usage.

The main reason why SMD are used at outdoor places is because it has smaller diameter, so the LEDs can be fixed at the min distance of 10mm to get a clear view of the image been displayed. This specific distance gives the best resolution that enhances the quality of the image or the video displayed. As much the LED Is at shorter distance the more good the picture quality will be. A screen dependent on SMT is unmistakably better looking, despite its lower brilliance and, at same splendor level, higher power utilization than DIP/PTH.

SMD LED displays for brands advertisements

As the SMD are the outdoor screens so let me tell you that JUNAID JAMSHED clothing brand is using the SMD p4mm for its stores to gain the attention of the customers by displaying their new variety of clothes and other products on those screens. The P4mm is one of the best display SMD screen and till now none of the other brands is using this screen other than this brand. The p4mm has the L shade design and it’s obvious that unique stuff automatically attains the attention if people so this design for specially designed for the project purpose.

No doubt, to execute this kind of innovation was very difficult and almost impossible but the technicians put all their efforts and experience and invited the technology the market with such an amazing innovation for the advertising and the project concerns. If you are planning for buying the signage solution for advertisement purpose, you can always refer to the most trust digital signage company, Gloax solutions. The company has the best digital signage solutions including the video wall, smartboards, projectors, LED and many other technologies.

Outdoor SMD Screens for educational areas

Outdoor SMD displays are the best when you want them for various projects, another area where these spectacular displays are bean is Pakistan’s famous academy “MOIN KHAN ACADEMY”. The academy has installed the outdoor SMD for the students to provide them a chance to cope up with the latest technology in the market. The academy has installed the SMD LED p10mm that has the best brightness level for the outdoor use and is waterproof that prevents your screen to be damaged. The p10mm comes with 2 years warranty and other than that they are good for a long term use as these displays can be used for 24 hours without any disruption. The academy uses this technology to display their various events visuals, different matches and carry out many of the corporate events to generate more revenue for their academy and the benefit of the students.

Video wall changes the overall look

For every conference room, we all know that latest technology should be utilized and nothing can beat the Samsung ultra slim bezel video wall. The video walls change the overall look of the room and moreover giving a lot of informative and displaying advantage it always make look the wall attractive and eye catchy.

The brand national food is using the Samsung 3.5mm bezel 46” video wall display for their conference room and through those video walls they conduct all the important conference with the other parties, shows the live videos, make many of the conferencing calls and give company product’s presentation through the video walls.