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Now you can have bright, more prominent, glare-free and effective digital outdoor signage by having our new and extra ordinary amazing technology.  Samsung displays are built in a way to provide a long lasting life of the display panel with the innovative design and high quality image. Now you can also avail the uninterrupted performance of our technology in any environment. You can also have a variety of digital out of home applications as well.

Blazing and realistic images

outdoor video wall in Pakistan

It has the highest brightness that makes it possible to read words clearly in the outdoor day light.

It has the highest industry contrast ratio that provides the black effect that makes the picture more good in quality and clear as well

Light scattering issues are minimized for the cause of good view even under the high contrast or brightest environments.

video wall solutions in pakistan

Exclusive 24/7 permanence

It provides the feature of 24/7 nonstop performance

Effective working with a panel that resist heat, moisture and dirt.

Best for the long term usage and can be used for 24/7, it also has a 2 year warranty with it

Reflection and sans glare

The technology of reflection cancelling film installed in it reduces the reflection and resist the glares when places outdoor .

Quarter wave polarizer makes it possible to see the displayed message clearly even if you are wearing the polarized glasses.

The excellent feature of outdoor light absorption neglects the reflection and display visible and bright images .

led video wall controller
Lahore images hd

Maximal visual range

NTSC 72% shading array inclusion for the most extravagant picture conceivable

Full HD goals conveys sensational profundity of picture subtleties

High temperature Tni fluid gem guarantees ideal showcase quality even in extraordinary climate condition

“For our customers panel quality and long-run reliability is mission critical. Samsung Display’s superior panel technology has always delivered on its promise.”