Advertisement is one of the biggest requirements of any business and the more good the advertisement is the more good the customer value will be. Earlier people adopted many mean for the advertisement of their brand but now in this digital world, advertisement has become easier than ever before with the help of  LED Billboards signage.

It’s obvious that it is more convenient to display the features, promotions and new innovation of your brand on the digital LED screen instead of trying the old means of advertisements. The digital LED signage has many benefits to count on when it comes to advertisement. Displaying your brand on the big LED screens around the roads will automatically gain the attention of more people and will eventually increase you customer growth rate. Almost all the big industries are now opting to choose this mean of advertisement instead of the old ones.

How the LED screens are beneficial?

When it comes to gaining the attention of the consumer than the first idea that comes to the mind is of advertising the specific product or brand. Previously people opt to have the pamphlets and brochures to advertise their brand but that got quite boring as the digital signage solution emerged. Consumers are attracted by attracted stuff that is displayed effectively and the digital posters or totem signage are the best media if one wants to change the trend so the old pamphlets.

Lahore Streets Filled with SMD LED Billboards 1

Displaying your product in a slide view is far better and attracting than single printed picture. Through this displaying of brand through the digital posters become trust your brand even more because they can get a thorough look of your products through the slide show.

Lahore streets filled with SMD LED Billboards

Lahore is the city where a lot of brands and business exist and as we discussed it earlier, the first requirement of every business is to have a good advertisement tool in order to flourish in the market. Now days we see the street of Lahore installed with the LED SMD billboards displaying the advertisement of coke, Pepsi and many other brands and none of can say that we haven’t noticed them because it’s impossible as they video show an the image slide show look so mesmerizing that none of us can resist to see them.

LED SMD billboards are huge in size and can be installed easily around the road and in front of the traffic signals so that whenever the traffic signal turns red people might have a look on to their brand. You can always refer to the most trusted digital signage company, Gloax solutions to buy the billboards for your advertisement cause. The company has the best digital signage solutions including the video wall, smart boards, projectors, LED and many other technologies.

The LED SMD billboard is of two designs one of the vertical one and the other is of horizontal. Most of the brand owners use the vertical design screen to display the active ads and some of the owners use the horizontal displays to show the passive ads and if you ask me that which design is best for your work than I would suggest you that go with the horizontal one as it is wide enough and cover enough space and it’s obvious that something displayed on the wide screen will go across through the consumer’s eye. Displaying your content on the LED SMD billboard is 100% beneficial for the company as the screens display more compelling content through its clear visual display.

Lahore Streets Filled with SMD LED Billboards 2

Today in Lahore, there are more than 500 digital signage installations for the purpose of street advertisement has been done. A city that was once known as the historic city is today known as the digital city. Installing the digital signage billboards not only benefits the user but it also enhances the beauty of the place where they are installed.

Most commonly used sized of Billboards

The most used sized of the billboards used on the street of Lahore are 10×20, 10×30, 15×45 and 20×60. Moreover the LED boards or the screen can also be customized according to the requirement of the clients. Other than the billboards there are many other digital signages that can be used for the purpose of advertisement including the pole signs, stadium displays, super market displays and shopping mall displays.