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Choosing the Right Pixel Pitch for Your SMD Displays

Pixel Pitch: The pixel pitch is actually the center to center distance of adjacent pixels measured in millimeters. In the term plan, pixel pitch will show the gap in between the pixels of LED display. The smaller pixel pitch simply means that there is little space between the pixels and the numbers of pixels are much more. It is the reason of giving higher resolution and higher quality of image. The pixel pitch of a high resolution SMD LED module would be 4 mm and the pixel pitch for standard resolution DIP LED module would be 10 mm. Effect [...]

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Interactive Whiteboards are Interactive Way of Studying

An interactive whiteboard is actually a huge size interactive display used as a whiteboard. It can also be used as a touch screen computer in an independent way of performing individual tasks and operations. It can also be a connecting device being used as a touchpad to control computers from a particular projector. Interactive whiteboards are quite different from other touch screen options. It allows many users to collaborate. All the touch screens do not allow multiple users to get connected with each other. There are lots of sizes of interactive keyboards. You have to choose the size according [...]

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Indoor Digital Signage and Customer Feedback System

Indoor digital signages welcome your customers in a delightful way. Indoor digital signages are quite effective for the exposure of branding. You can easily promote the campaign, advertising and represent your stuff to your customers. It can deliver all the related information to employees and customers in real time. It will make your business effective by live screen programming, content feeds and promotions. Coming to our main point, indoor digital signage acquires a very special and helpful system of customer feedback. Placing indoor digital signage in the mall, restaurant or any other place you can take customers feedback and [...]

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The Best LED Display for Indoor Use

SMD Screens SMD is the short form of surface mount LED. SMD is quite smaller in size than the normal LED because they do not have any of the surrounding or leads around them that make them really handy by the user. They are quite easy to be managed by the automated assembly equipment. The SMD screens are quite different from the normal screens as they have a wide screening angle and they do not have any of the LED’s epoxy reviewers that directly focus the emitting beams. It’s a better choice to have the SMD LED screen for [...]

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Smart Mirror Display from Gloax Solution

What is Smart Mirror Display? A smart mirror is a two-sided mirror with a built-in display behind the glass. That display can show you anything you want to see on the surface of the mirror. It can show you the current time, weather forecast, news feeds, upcoming appointments and much more. You can get a smart mirror display from gloax solution with their technical service which makes the customer happy. They provide the timeliest service and they are most known because of being the oldest in industry. Getting services from gloax solution will never disappoint you. Smart Mirror Display [...]

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