Video wall are usually single large display that is made up of tilling multiple individual display screens in a way that they become a matrix of single long display screen and they are used to display single image or multiple images together with the finest image quality and visual performance.

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The video wall are the need of every control room because much of the important task of any of the workplace are done over here and these [places should be equipped with the best possible technology that provide undisrupted functioning of the organization.

And for the proper working of these rooms the organization should invest on having the video wall. The investment is costly but trusts me it’s worth it and you won’t regret having it for your workplace. Having a single large display is far better than spending extra money on other ways of surveillance.

Pakistan’s big organizations are in a big need of such technology in their control rooms because all the work of surveillance is done in their control rooms and this place should be fitted with the video wall, and they will surely make their work much easier. Other than surveillance, these video wall can be used to display different visual ideas in a meeting.

Heading towards a few benefits of the video wall that will convince you to have this technology in the control rooms. These benefits will prove that you cannot ignore having video wall in your control rooms. The video wall not only gives a classy look to the control room but it has far more benefit other than that. Having this device in each of the Pakistan’s important department’s control room will make it sure that all the operations are going on smoothly and properly.

The basic purpose of having the video wall in the control room is to provide the operators working in those areas with the latest and true real time information about the ongoing situations, awareness and information about a certain area through various sources collectively that enhance their capability of making right decisions collectively and efficiently.

Many of the Pakistan’s organization cannot work without the use of the video wall in their control rooms. The video wall has become an important part of their department to provide persistent and proper functioning to the people. Some of the important department where these video wall are used and necessary in Pakistan are stated below:

Traffic monitoring centers

Video Wall in a Control room

The transportation management centers should have the best technology in their control rooms as the traffic is managed by proper traffic surveillance and by making it sure that the traffic flow is continues and this can only be done by having a proper view of the traffic through the proper visual display of the roads. These transportation centers need the video wall because they always require high graphic information’s from the installed city maps, CCTV camera and other transportation management equipment and when it comes to high resolution graphic requirement, all the transportation surveillance is done through the video wall in the control room. Almost all the transportation management control rooms are installed with the best quality video display wall.

The operator that are working in the control rooms are required to look on the continuous information and they want the flexible seamless image through which they can make clear decisions without any mistake, they are required to make the decisions according to the real time provided information and their basic requirement is to have a clear view of the video displayed to them

Security surveillance centers

Digital Signage in Governments control roomsSecurity is the main concern of every country and when it comes to Pakistan, it is the most important area of concern as Pakistan is on the top ranks of the

security issues and criminal acts. Pakistan is looking forward to have better ways in providing the society the best and keep it safe from the anti-social

behavior, terror attacks, cyber crimes and many other illegal acts. The security control rooms of Pakistan are now using the video wall to display the ongoing problems that Pakistan is facing and this technology is helping them to have the solutions for this concern.

These video wall are useful to display the real time information about all the areas of Pakistan that is threaten and through these surveillance those areas are protected from any damage. These video wall are playing vital role in providing the basic and important information on a single large screen and providing the operator a new way to discuss the prevention that can keep the society safe from all these unnecessary threats and criminal acts.

Other than that these video wall are being used in the police monitoring rooms through which the operator can get the access about all the operations that going in the city through the police. And it helps them to have a continuous check on the police and the citizen performing their duties well and smoothly.

Command centers

Army officials command rooms digital SignageThe command centers of Pakistan are also equipped with the latest technology of video wall, because these areas are the mission critical areas that need a proper display that shows that the perfect image quality, the screen that is reliable, flexible and perfect for long lasting purpose. The command rooms need a continuous availability because they can save a life and can also cause the damage at the same time in critical situations.

The information that is gathered from different places like computers, different network sites should be displayed on a single screen so all the operator can get an access to that information n and can make clear and effective decisions at the time of emergencies.


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