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22 07, 2019

Smart Mirror Display from Gloax Solution

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What is Smart Mirror Display? A smart mirror is a two-sided mirror with a built-in display behind the glass. That display can show you anything you want to see on the surface of the mirror. It can show you the current time, weather forecast, news feeds, upcoming appointments and much more. You can get a smart mirror display from gloax solution with their technical service which makes the customer happy. They provide the timeliest service and they are most known because of being the oldest in industry. Getting services from gloax solution will never disappoint you. Smart Mirror Display [...]

24 06, 2019

Digital Signage Will Transform Your Next Event

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Digital signage is ruling the world whenever it comes to displaying some visuals, information or any screenplays. These are the best option to make your workplace or any other place perfect either the concern is on displaying the information or promoting anything. These signage solutions are only there to provide you benefits through their immersive features. Now days using the signage technology at the events are becoming the trend. People are opting to use the signage technology to make their events perfect. Whether you want to use these signage solution for displaying videos or any rules of the event, [...]

21 06, 2019

Smart Mirror The New Innovation In Digital Signage Industry

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A smart mirror is an innovative technology which when if off, works as a mirror and when turned on it works just exactly like a TV screen. The screen mirror are designed with the latest hardware technology and is capable of showing all the activities that a normal LCD screen shows like showing the temperate, shows the channels, touch sensors, have an internet connection option and has an operating system. You can easily amaze anyone who is unaware of this latest technology. This amazing technology is with us since 200 years and since then people get amazed by seeing [...]