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24 07, 2019

Interactive Whiteboards are Interactive Way of Studying

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An interactive whiteboard is actually a huge size interactive display used as a whiteboard. It can also be used as a touch screen computer in an independent way of performing individual tasks and operations. It can also be a connecting device being used as a touchpad to control computers from a particular projector. Interactive whiteboards are quite different from other touch screen options. It allows many users to collaborate. All the touch screens do not allow multiple users to get connected with each other. There are lots of sizes of interactive keyboards. You have to choose the size according [...]

30 05, 2019

Smart Education with Smart Whiteboard Display Technology

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The world is going to much fast. For attaining best information hard work is not enough to meet the necessary experience and knowledge. You have to become smart with smart technologies in today’s smart world. Getting an education in a smart way would be more effective for the human mind. In modern world, educating students in modern way would be greatly productive. In Smart school system, we use technologies to teach students. Today’s kids are surrounded by digital devices as they are just born. So educating kids in a smart way is much productive now. But still, we cannot [...]