30 05, 2019

Digital Signage Solutions For hospitality Industry

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Digital signage can be much beneficial part of the hospitality industry. Wonder why? Actually, it’s quite simple, in hotels, resorts, and restaurants, the guest experience is major this to consider. Giving the best guest experience boost up the business. The more we get into technology the more guests are rising. This is the reason all the hospitality business owners jump to digital signage for their business to enhance their sales and providing tech forward experience. Digital signage not just enhance regulation and make the process simple. It also gives sensational experience to customers just from the beginning. Getting the [...]

30 05, 2019

Smart Education with Smart Whiteboard Display Technology

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The world is going to much fast. For attaining best information hard work is not enough to meet the necessary experience and knowledge. You have to become smart with smart technologies in today’s smart world. Getting an education in a smart way would be more effective for the human mind. In modern world, educating students in modern way would be greatly productive. In Smart school system, we use technologies to teach students. Today’s kids are surrounded by digital devices as they are just born. So educating kids in a smart way is much productive now. But still, we cannot [...]

28 05, 2019

Why Ultra Wide Stretched Displays are Expensive

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Now days digital signage solution is the need of every business to run it effective as these signage solutions are the best when it comes to the promotion of the brand and to create well awareness among the audience about the brand. Moreover, these signage solutions play a vital role in being a bridge of connection between the customer and the brand. Earlier, dual displays were used in the offices and the workplace but as the technology emerged the stretched LCD are ruling the industry when it comes to buy the best display for your workplace. Gloax solution is [...]

6 05, 2019

Indoor signage a bridge between audience and the user

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Having digital signage for the workplace is now days the demand of every business and indoor signage solutions are now days really helpful to the businessman as these signage not only make their effort less but also ensures that the business flourish with more customers that are attracted to the company because of the indoor signage solution used in the company for the convenience of the customers and the audience. If you feel the need to install an indoor signage solution for your company as well, the door of Glaox solution is always here to serve you with its [...]