29 04, 2019

Surveillance Digital Signage Solutions in Pakistan

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A digital signage solution is generally comprised of various components that includes the hardware’s and the software’s that work collectively to provide the best digital performance from the digital sign. The contents that are displayed on the digital signage screens mostly falls into three common types: video, informative ad auto or visual. These three categories can be displayed at the same real time through the digital signage product. Now days there are many organizations and companies out there who are using the digital signage technology for many of their company’s operations and mostly for the surveillance purpose. The digital signage [...]

24 04, 2019

Why you can not ignore video wall in a control room in Pakistan

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Video wall are usually single large display that is made up of tilling multiple individual display screens in a way that they become a matrix of single long display screen and they are used to display single image or multiple images together with the finest image quality and visual performance. To buy a video wall for your use, choose GLAOX solutions, as they are well known video wall vendors with a good corporate client portfolio and are providing their services all over Pakistan. They offer variety of wholesale video wall, fine pitch SMD screens and multiple digital signage solutions [...]